Desolate Island In An Abyss Of People

Desolate Island In An Abyss Of People

By Aniya Butler


What is our purpose?

We live.

We die.

We live again.

We die.

Is this a game unknown?


Who am I?

I am a black woman.

That is my label.

I was thought of as less.

Now, supposedly I am an equal.

An equal to the man.

Why couldn’t I have been a puddle?

Evaporate me into the sky.

Watch me fly.

But no.

I am a being of selfishness.

A lover of power.

One who kills their own kind.

One who looks but cannot see.

One who speaks of hate.

The kind that wants but cannot give.

Hears but does not listen.

A master of destruction to their own world.

Science does not explain.

There’s so many religions.

Its all too confusing.

But I, young child.

Just sit and wonder.

I think about life beyond.

About what happens after.

What is feared most of all.

I dream of a place.

A place of happiness.

No judgement from the hateful eyes of people.

No war.

No misunderstandings.

No fear.

No desperate need for love.

No world telling me how I should act.

How I should look.

What I should think.

How I should feel.

Who I should love.

Who I should hate.

Just let me live.

This unforgivable, atrocious, intolerable, dreadful and

Just plain terrible hole of utter disgust.

That we call our world.

What is it all for?

I don’t understand.

You’re thinking too much.

Some might say.

But what can I do when I am left.

With sounds of silence and my thoughts?

Just pray others would say.


I can pray but, how does that help?

It just brings me back.

Back to my thoughts.

Thoughts like who am I praying to?

Why am I crying?

Why are people in this world dying?

Why are some people uncontrollably lying?

When is the end?

What makes a person a friend?

Why do things that happen keep happening again?

Why can I feel, touch, see, hear, taste, speak, and listen?

And why can’t some others?

What is perfect?

If no one is.

Then why is perfection desired?

This world is like a crazy dream.

And I’m Dorothy.

Confused and wanting to go home.

I’m following the yellow brick road.

Twisting and turning.

On a journey to finally meet.

Meet this being.

Who won’t say to me.

That this is the end.

This is where I will stay.

It can’t be.

While writing this I erased.

Erased what I thought would make you uncomfortable.

Cyntoia Brown

Sold and traded

And raped by numerous men.

Finds the courage to shoot

And kill a man who she was sold to.

All to finally attempt to be free.

She then gets life in prison.

All this time getting her childhood

Ripped out of her hands.

She sees a slight chance

And her life is taken away.

This is debatable.

But this is my poem.

My view

Her story

And our world.




Aniya Butler

At only 14 years old Aniya is a very talented writer and poet. As a high school freshman she has written many short stories and poems, but this is her first published poem. She is also just starting out in the acting and modeling communities. She recently starred in the Shakespeare play, “A Midnight Summer’s Dream” as Hermia. She has interests in doing TV, Film, and Commercials as well as doing print modeling…

If interested in contacting or casting Aniya please email Eric J. Butler Jr. AKA EJBJ at

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